General Concept

    Energia consists of three detached multi-family houses with a total of 27 apartments as well as a underground floor with 36 parking spaces. The residential buildings consist of three full floors (ground floor, first floor and second floor).

    All apartments offer generous and functionally designed floor plans that correspond to the level of condominiums in all respects. There is a selection of apartments of 2.5, of 3.5 and of 4.5-rooms, some of which have their own laundry room, located directly within the apartment. All apartments have their own cellar located in the underground floor.

    The very large terraces (about 27 m2) are all south-oriented and completely covered. Thanks to large sliding windows, the rooms are flooded with natural sunlight.


    Block A
    Block B
    Block C
    Parking Spaces and Cellars

    The Underground Floor is where all the cellars are located, as well as 36 open parking spaces (12 per Block).

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